Tony Ward S/S 2013 + Shades of blue

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juanmatagarcia: Thanks @ch14_instagram @davidvilla @benayoun15! Now it’s time for @anderherrera8 @marcosrojo and #FernandoAlonso. But the important thins is not the water, it is to donate. #als #ela

Juan Mata does the #IceBucketChallenge

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Can’t stop won’t stop (taking selfies)

Tessa/Scott + Kisses! Part 2


fellow canadians,

don’t make fun of america’s health care system, or their corrupt government, or their many cases of crimes against people of colour. all of that can be turned back on you, and rightfully so. canada’s health care system is far from perfect- at least in the usa you get what you pay for. our government is only slightly less corrupt, and that’s nothing to brag about. and crimes against aboriginal people are always staggering. canadians may hold more doors but they are no better than americans.

make fun of america’s mens olympic hockey team. they fucking suck and we, canadians, are better than them.

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i’m such a united statesaboo

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50 days until Gopher Hockey

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would like to thank ashna for reblogging my selfies and getting them far more notes than they truly deserve

you the real mvp

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